Friday, May 16, 2008

the feelings behind my ribs

do you think they make sun glasses that are srong enugh to look at the sun and you can acctually observe the sun? that would be cool if they were real. so im just going to use what ever rybric ms. b tell me to use becasue i really dont know what to write for this thing.
so a little while ago i had myslef a little sit donw and ponderd up some thoughts of life. and i was thinking. what it we didnt have cars? then everything could just be pilled into a walking distance and you could bike every were. then at night the stars would flood the sky and it would be like a billino fire flys in the sky. also you wouldnt need shoes and the grass would be so soft on your feet. i think that it would be so enjoyable to walk into a stor and walk out bare foot and onto soft fresh grass. do you think that if the moon was a live able enviorment, would people live there. in a civilization controlled by buildings and techelogical advancements, but what about the cool breez or the green grass, who could stand to live on a forein dusty black and white world. color! now thats a topic, i dont know what i would do if i was blind, def, or crippled. lets start with blind. i would be misrable and proble pick up bad habbits like cigaretts to try to cheer myself up from not being ably to take in bright exuberent color. deff, music would be a faint memorie and expressing emotions wouldnt be right, whats sad if there is no crying. you might be able feel tears but with out the wailing and sobbing is it acctually crying? or if i was paralized i think that would be the worst. to not be able to more or anything. i would deffanintly prefert to be killed then sit there. i want a long board, i like to skate every were i go but i cant do tricks and i dont really like to eather, but i dont have any money for a long board. at night infront of my house, around 9 30 10 i love to grab my board and walk to the top of the resently paved street and ride it the whole way down. its a rush. so i have a bag of checks mix in my back pack that u really want to eat right now but im trying to save them for my last hour of the day. i hate it when you shelter your self from the out side world and when you begin to feel comfotable with it and enjoy it, your situation changes and the proccess starts all over. KFC chicken sounds like the bomb sht right now, omg one time i got a 8 peice bucket and i raped it tino submission. how long till you go crazy if you were locked in a submarine? i wish i had wings and could fly with them. like that one guy from that one x mans movie. i kinda feel like playing the piano right now. ms. b is talking and she says that we gatta go. peace out

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


person 1: the first person that i chose was hannable lecture. this character was a very well created character, this character was based off acctuall serial killers behavors. all though in the movie silence of the lambs hanable was made out to be alot more sensative and easy to connect to that an acctuall serial killer. i think that this character is very misunder sood because when people see this movie they think that he represents all serial killers and that they are all so easy to connect with and easy to relate to when acctually they love to keep distance and use a faulse sence of security to make them seem to be in a normal state of mind.
person 2: cat women, i belive in her toime cat women was a huge deal for the comic world and girls growing up in that time. this was te first women villin and was a very strong infuence. she was sleek and sexy with a tight black leather suit she would prowl around the city to things to do. i belive that this showed that women can really expand there talents into many different varrieties of profetions. i think that she was very well understood and what her purpose was, womens rights.
person 3: i decided on nathan explotion. he an animated character based off of a real person. nathan explotions permeirs off a tellivition show called metalocolypes. nathan isnt like any ordinay death metal band singer, he seeks the most brutal and depressing sercumstanses there is. he continusly pushes his band to do better and be better. i think that he represents the kids growing up in US today. everything is getting more volgure and bloody and that is exatly what nathan explotion is all about. i belive that he shows that kids and all about rought and crazy things and that we are more use to seeing things that adults are not use to being expoled to.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


part 1: i think that sories are so important for kids to hear and listen to because it expandes their imagination. i also think that kids can take out importnt peices of infomation that they remember and refer things to. like hearing about a time that mommy or daddy fell off their bike in a rain storm. i think that a child could understand that if you bike in the rain you may fall. but most of all i think that stories are told to children to entertain them and make them think and imagine.
part 2: i think that older readers love to read stories because they like to remines on the past and reading other peoples experienses make them think of their own past happenings. the readers can also take more out of the stories because they are old whitch should mean that they can take a deeper thinking and observation of the stories. i think older reads enjoy reading so much because they can also still get leassons out of stories like life lessons and what not. or they also might find the reading a motavation to them becasue of the storie line.
part 3: i belive that stories are so important to our nation because they allow us to talk about what ever we want and get what ever point we have across without a consaquence most of the time. i also think that people "flock" to buy these bookes and peices of literature because they are wrote by very knowledgeble and credable sourses that are highly respected. because this nation is a free nation that has democracey it is important for the people to take advantage of our right to write and tell stories of how we feel and think. and they also are things that people cvan argue upon with their own opinon.
part 4: the first stories i remember from my childhood were all the really fun times and all my friends, i remember playing at the park of in the front yard with friends and family. i think that these stand out because these are the pople whom love and care for me and that is all that really matters to me. as long as i am close to those who love me i am happie and all the stories from my childhood i remember are ones with friends and family. when i think of stories being oraly told to me i think of my grandma, i think that i connect these images to is becasue she was in my life for a very good majority of it and she use to take care of me eveyday. if there wasnt sutch a strong bond bettween me and my grand mother i dont think that i would have thought of her as one to read me stories.
part 5: i think that the first part of a good storie is the language that the storie teller uses. i think that the language that the writer uses in important because then it make connections from reading to character alot more likable. the second thing it a hooking character, one that isnt easly understood or predictable. the third is a good plot line, i personaly like a little bit of a mitery line with a twist of thriller. then or course, fourth, the lovable friends and the one deseatful friend. fith, i think a climax that just flip flops the whole storie that was never seen coming. six, a good settaling action that comforts the reader and makes every thing seem fine. and seven, a action or something said that leaves the read hanging to their own conclution.
part 6: ......

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i poo on life

just to warn you most of this is just me ranting on and on and on and on and on and on....... you get it. and also.... sorry for my spelling, never been good at it.
im am dedacating this blog entrie to stress and life sucking. everybody has different views of life and even in thier own views life might not be how they may want it to be. i finally got one of those saying that make sence but dont matter until it happens to you, for instance... "you never know what you have until its gone." ive always thought those saying were so lame and only old people with nothing better to do would sit around and make saying up. and they probably do but they are all mostly true. growing up i felt my life was a giant pit of suck. but looking back on it i relize that life was very good to me. ive always had a large variety of friends and never have every really had problems with girls eather. elementary school was good and middle school things got worse, parents devorst, made some bad friends, and got expelled. but in 8th grade i really tuned myself around and relized that there is more to life than just looking cool and having lots of friends. so ive just been living in the moment and trying my best to look at things half full and always showing love and affection to those around me. but its really stressfull some times, i feel like everyone around me just doesnt give a crap about me and the more i show the less i get back. i mean i know that people care aout me.... its just i dont feel like they do. i also find that life is SOOO STRESSFUL. i cant stand to live another day sometimes. in 10th grade i moved to the school im at now, EHS, from EHS (its italasized to show that its old so thats what that means) ironic i know. but its just no the same here, at EHS i knew all the kids because i grew up with them scence kindergarden. and i mean now i have friends but its just not the same. i just find it very stressful coming into this group of friends that have known eatchother for a long time and just jumping into it. but there is one thing that i look forward to everyday and thats my girlfriend. i finally have a relashionship that is much more that phyisical contact. i mean like we hangout not to often but when we do its like us talking and playing out side and what not but i find it stressful that im not one of her top priorities. like i am but yet im not..... we hangout once MAYBE twice a week witch to honsest, it sucks. she ushually hangout with one of her 3 bffs before she hangsout with me. i dont know, i know that i shouldnt complain because i know people who have it alot wores than me. but then there is school. wow school. thats just a topict in itself. and lets just say it my worst subject. i make what you might call barely passing grades so college isnt really a big thing that im looking forward to in the future considering im not going to going a very nice one. my mom is always suprising me with new tutors every week and leaving me soo stressed. but other than that i feel like life is good. i mean what really gets me down is that i feel like im not making the most out of my life and that i could be having so much more fun, you only live once and i want to look back at my life and be very thankfull for what i have. other wise lifes not all that half bad.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Evening Star

Evening Star

'Twas noontide of summer, And mid-time of night; And stars, in their orbits, Shone pale, thro' the light Of the brighter, cold moon,'Mid planets her slaves,Herself in the Heavens,Her beam on the waves. I gazed awhile On her cold smile; Too cold- too cold for me- There pass'd, as a shroud, A fleecy cloud, And I turned away to thee, Proud Evening Star, In thy glory afar, And dearer thy beam shall be; For joy to my heart Is the proud part Thou bearest in Heaven at night, And more I admire Thy distant fire, Than that colder, lowly light.

-Edgar Allan Poe

1. i chose this poem becasue i LOVE the stars. i found this poem very interesting because i like the way the author talks about the stars in his poem.
2. the title for this poem is called Evening Star, i feel like this is pritty self explanatory. in the poem he talks about his aderation for the evening star compaied to the moon.
3. in the begginging of the poem the author uses consonance with the letter t in the sirst few lines. then he uses personafacation and has talkes about the moons smile. i htink that these help influence the poem because in the begining it helps the flow of the poem and sets it off wiht a nice tone and setting. them moves onto beging able to relate to the factors in the poem that you wouldnt ushually be able to relate to because there non human. the style he uses i think really helps the readers imagery through the poem.
4. the tone of this peace i think is peaceful. he talkes about how the moon is so gorgeouse and how is has all the power but is no were as pritty the lonaly star is compaired to the moon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

writing territories

2. the majority of litertature that i read is short stories. i dont read out side of school and even in school i ushually try to find the shortest and easyest way around reading. i enjoy most stories that are told to me, but im hate to read. mostly because i am a very slow reader and what would take an average person 10 mineuts to read would take me 40. also i am very bad at reading big words, pernownseation, and SPELLING. if you havent noticed already, spelkling is by far my worst quality. as for my favorit thing to read... i dont have a certain type as of now.
i dont really have a favorite kind of writing. i think that poetry is enjoyable when the meaning is deep and personal, but someitmes without the help from a teatcher or peer i can have a hard time interputing some of the meanings. there isnt really anything that i find all to enjoyable to read. there is only one thing that i find enjoyable to read that i do read sometimes in my spare time, and that is artists statments. there ushually on the artists website that states why the artist does what they do and all the other feelings and meanings behind their work.
i dont ushually wrting anythign out side of school if it isnt requierd. i would say that the majority of my writing is done in texting saddly. but in school i find this class enjoyable, i also enjoy wrting about the photography i have set up on a sepperate blog. i get critasized on my spelling alot withc pervents me from sharing alot of my work, i also dont like putting alot of meaning into my work if i know that other people will be reading my work because im dont want to be hrased for something that i think.
3. i find that the thing that is easyest and i enjoy most is wrting about people and the people in my life. i think that peolpe and the interations you have with them in your life are huge. even more so if you have a close relationship with the person. the first time that i relized this was in 9th grade. one of my best friends mother died of cnacer, and all i did for weeks was make her gifts and...

Monday, February 25, 2008


1. i found the play format over all to be neather frusterating or easy to use. i think that a play format makes it alot easyer for readers to understand the mood and the actions happening in the seen. but i also think that for the play is limited with its settings and its equipment used in the play. unlike a short story you are able to anything you plaese. the strengths i saw in the play format that i liked was that you are able to tell the actors what to do and then to do it. sutch as making an actor run across the stage and having them yell as they run. in a short story you can do this also but i feel like in the play format it is alot more clear as to what is happening. the most frusterating thing that i faced when writing the play was the format. i didnt liek that each actor needs their own ":" i got really tierd of putting those in every thime someone was going to talk. another thing that i didnt like about play formatting was putting the parenthaseez around the stage directions and the actor actions and then italicising it. but other than that i think that plays are alot more easy to read and understand what is going on.

2. i think the most improtat thing that i could tell a 10 year old would be just to be your self and express yourself. i think that most kids now days see trends going on and see siblings conform to them and not be who they should be. al through my schooling years i have spent alot of time trying to find myself, and i still am but i think that once you do find yourself that life is alot more enjoyable. i belive it all depends on the person on how they should express them selfs. i think that to give someone advise you need to realy have a good understanding of the person. i belive that the advise given to the person depends on there personality, thoughts, and choices. for instance, my little brother use to be the most quiest and shy person ever. so i started to encourage him and tell him that what other people think doesnt mean anything. now he is loud and makes a seen where ever he goes because everyones opinion means nothing to him because he isnt scared of expressing himself.

3. i think that great peices of litterature stay around for years because the authors were writing about real problems that were going on in their times and they used laguage that the read could understand and relaite to. i also think that the authors that writ sutch things offer new and improved styles of writing that people are not use to or maybe have never read before. i do not think that i could ever see myself writng something that could stay around for that long of a time period. i wouldnt consider myself as a strong writer but i think that i have a little bit of writnig skills. to be honset i really dont know how or why some of the peices that are hunderds of years old be considerd classics and are so widly looked up to.